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This area presents Padaun in an interactive user interface. It shows all important buildings with location and short description. In the stories i present the emblems of the area and a short story.

Padaun is located close by the Brenner pass. The Brenner pass as the lowest pass over the central alps was already thousands of years before an important way connecting the south and the north of the alps. It is known from the middle age, that Padaun was used as a way not to follow the main rout, but having an alternative to the next valley. The first written validation of a house in Padaun is from the year 1313, which is today the hotel Steckholzer.

What is interesting, that even close to the Brenner, it could remain as a quiet oasis, until the seventies, there even has not been a street to Padaun. And today it is a dead end road, so it could remain its charming calmness.

Have fun with developing Padaun.