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brenner padaun padauner kogel wanderung pass zug urlaub
The Brenner pass seen from the "Padauner Kogel".

The Brenner pass is the lowest pass in the main alps between south and north. It has a history far before the rome empire, used by many people travelling from south to north and backwards. The Brenner pass is very close to Padaun. So it is possible to make vacations in Padaun without car, only by travelling with the train to the Brenner and walking 1.5 hour. But also making a nice tour to the Brenner for buying italian ingrediens or drinking a coffee makes sence. At the 5th and 20th each month also a larger market takes place for cloths.
By driving from Padaun, you have to go all the way around the Padauner Kogel. So the trail takes a similar time as driving by car. In earlier times the way from Padaun to the Brenner was also a smuggler path. This is the nicest way to come from Padaun to the Brenner. But also a little bit larger pathway is going from Padaun to the Brenner.

Both trails strat at the Larcher farm and pass the chapell bling God. At the first curve the smuggler path goes straight, while the normal path is making a curve.

The smuggler path (marked)

I personally prefer the smuggler path, because it is a smaller one and connects more direct Padaun with the Brenner. But it has some very easy climbing passages inside, even when they are not any problem to normal mountaineers. The smuggler path ends at the railway tracks. There you have to follow the railway tracks towards the Brenner (left) until you have reached the train station Brenner See.  There you have to pass the railway tracks, please be very careful there, this railway track is a main track with lots of traffic. Happy britain guests, this railway has left traffic.

The normal way Brenner

From Larcher farm starting, passing the bling God chapel you always follow the track. When you follow the track, you will meet the Brenner street in the valley. There you have to follow the street until the Brenner.
walking duration: 1.5 h
  walking durationtotal: 3 h
altitude difference: 226 m
difficulty: easy
remark: smuggler path nice, good buying possibilities, market at 5th and 20th

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