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The complete Padauner Kogel, seen from Vennspitze.

The Padauner Kogel is one of the classical tours in Padaun. Through hid small altitude difference (481 m) this tour can also be made in the afternoon or before lunch. But the size says notheing about its variation. From mythic forests to cliffs and a nice ridge, you will find all at the Padauner Kogel. With its 3 trails from Padaun, also nice round trips are possible. Only in winter time the Padauner Kogel is too steep and is dangerous through avalanches.

ridge trail (# 83)

The way over the ridge starts at the Larcher farm. There after 200 meters you go into a forest. After a while you have nice views to the Brenner and a quarter hour later you will find the ridge. Following the ridge you will climb smothly up through meadows. There you will also find a junction to Gries in the Wipp valley (82). Sometimes i have seen here chamois. Up to the peak with nice views.

shoulder trail (# 83)

The trail over the shoulder starts at the hotel Steckholzer. Passing the Nosko hut, you follow slightly on the right a forest road for some hundred meters. At a small ridge you follow the way into the forest which has a mythic appearance. After a while without climbing you will come to a junction to Vals (82). A little while afterwards you will find a fountain, from there the trail climbs through the forest up to the shoulder. At the shoulder you find nice flat meadows for making a rest. Then you come to rocks and climbing further on up to the peak.

valley trail (without marks)

The trail through the valley / channel starts at the Kolb alp at the junction cross. You follow a smoth meadow trail up to the Müller hut. There you follow in the beginning left a fence and you climb slowly away from the fence. There is a small fountain and you cross a small valley. After a small meadow a small trail climbs a little bit until you are at the beginning of a bigger valley. There you have to climb all the way up to the ridge. Please follow in the upper area the left valley. The steepest part is close before the ridge.

walking distance peak: 1.5 h
walking distance total: 3 h
altitude difference: 481 m
difficulty: easy (valley middle)
remark: diversified landscape, round trip, nice views

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