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The upper Sill alp, in the valley is a nice creek.

The Sill alp is a nice family trip. Whne you follow the street to Vals from Padaun, after some hundred meters you find a forest road (# 84) without barrier. This road heads directly to the Sill alp. It climbs slowly and you can have a round tour with about 1 h duration. When you climb at the Sill alp about 100 m you find some nice meadows with a nice creek. There you can have a good resting place for the whole family.

The second entrance to the sill alp is at the first curve of the street to Vals. There starts also a forest road to the Sill alp.

There is also a very small path through the forest to the Sill alp. But i would not recommend this trail, because it is extremly hard to find, not marked and there are some cliffs to be crossed, which might be dangerous.

If you have some time with you, then you can also go one of the forest roads to the direction of the Vennspitze. At the end of the road you can cross the cliffs and you can go the Sill alp. But that is quite a while to walk.

walking distance Sill alp: 1 h
walking distance total: 2 h
altitude difference: 150 m
difficulty: easy, nice rest in the Sill alp. The forest path is very hard to find
remark: diversified landscape, nice family tour, lonesome

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