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padaun vennspitze tour bergtour padauner berg padauner kogel
view from Padauner Kogel to the Vennspitze.

The Vennspitze (peak) is one of the classical tours in Padaun. There are several paths possible. The nicest is from my opinion the normal trail (# 84) from the parking lot following the creek in a large caldera. Further up to another large caldera up to the ridge and following the ridge on the left side up to the peak.
The second trail marked here follows the forest roads to the cliffs at the south east side. This ridge can be followed right up to the peak as well. But also larger tours in combination with the Rossgrubenkofel peak can be made.

walking distance peak: 2.5 h
walking distance total: 5 h
altitude difference: 790 m
difficulty: easy
remark: classical nice tour, good views, nice landscape

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