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view on the Vennspitze and its downhill.

The Vennspitze is the classical ski tour in Padaun. Starting at a level of 1600 m over sea and 790 m altitude difference, you can ski there for a very long time period. Through its constant steepness it is also not very dangerous for avalanches and it is nice for skiing.

There are two avalanche risky regions at this tour. One is right after you leave the forest in a caldera. Where fromthe right side, sometimes are small avalanches. When you stay at the left side of the caldera close to the forest, you are safe. And the second region is right under the peak region. Both regions can be avoided. Usually there is always a track, which you usually can follow. The peak hill can be avoided by reaching the ridge early and the follow the ridge up to the peak.

Every year the local people make a ski tour race up to the ridge which are close to 800 m altitude difference. They manage to go up and down in 30 minutes. I can not reach such values, but i enjoy the tour also very much.

walking distance peak: 2.5 h
ski tour total: 3 h
altitude difference: 790 m
difficulty: easy
remark: quite safe, low avalanche risk, popular, good downhill slope

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