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A very nice peak closely located to Padaun is the Olperer. At the end of the Vals valley there it goes left to the Gasteiner valley (Tal). At the Tourist rest, you have to leave your car, and you can drink a beer. From there you have to walk about 4 hours to the Geraer hut. Recommended is to sleep for a night there, because the Olperer is quite a long tour and i would only do it in one day, when i am very very well trained. I like the spinach Knödel very much at the Geraer hut.

The geraer hut has also at www.huettentest.de good references.

From the Geraer hut, you follow the old glacier on stones. Then you have to cross a very small glacier up to the Wildlahnerscharte. This pass can also be reached from Hintertux / Zillertal valley by ski lift. From Geraer hut to the Wildlahnerscharte are about 2 hours. From there you have to climb the rocks up to the peak. This takes minimum an other 2 hours with climbing difficulty 3. Then you are on the most beautiful mountain, which can also be seen from Padaun with its 3476 m.

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The Olperer from Vals valley. The mountain right is named the high church.